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Descriptive Epidemiology

Navajo Population Profile

The Navajo Population Profile aims to provide an accurate picture of the Navajo population throughout the United States and to identify target or at risk sub-population(s) when assessing the health status of the Navajo people. The goal is to improve the health status of the Navajo people on the Navajo Nation, in border towns, metropolitan areas, and throughout the United States. Read more →

Navajo Nation Health Survey

The purpose of conducting the health survey is to establish a behavioral risk factor surveillance system to monitor and evaluate health risk behaviors from residents on the Navajo Nation. Primary data collected will support collaboration between Navajo Division of Health and healthcare partners to effectively serve the health needs of the Navajo people. Report in Progress  NNHS Brochure →

Navajo Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Navajo Nation Youth Risk Behavior Survey – A school-based public health survey directed at both middle school and high school students. All schools found within the Navajo Nation, and schools with a high number of Navajo students are invited to participate. The survey asks numerous questions pertaining to unintentional injuries and violence, tobacco use, alcohol and other drugs, sexual behaviors, dietary behaviors, physical activity, and home life. The survey was initiated in 1997 and has been completed five additional times. 

Navajo Mortality Report

The report highlights the leading causes of death, and years of potential life lost among Navajo’s living within the boundaries and border towns of the Navajo Nation. The data contained within this report can be used for critical public health activities such as program planning and evaluating. Data for the years 2006-2009 were included. The report was made possible by our partners at the New Mexico and Arizona departments of health. We will continue to update this report as newer data becomes available. Report in Progress

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