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Last website updated: May 15th, 2017

Ya'at'eeh (Welcome)

The Navajo Epidemiology Center (NEC) was established in 2005 to manage Navajo Nation's public health information systems, investigate diseases and injuries of concern, provide data and reports to help health programs effectively manage programs, respond to public health emergencies, and coordinate these activities with other public health authorities. The NEC’s primary objectives are: data collection, analysis and interpretation; health surveillance; disease control and prevention; and data sharing.

Mission Statement

To contribute to Hozho of Dine People by

⚫  Monitoring health status

⚫  Maintaining disease surveillance

⚫  Conducting health research

⚫  Conducting disease outbreak investigation

⚫  Reporting health data

⚫  Providing technical assistance

⚫  Identifying priority health concerns


Vision Statement

Empowering Dine People to achieve Hozho through naalniih naalkaah (epidemiology).



Navajo Tribal Epidemiology Center


Navajo Epidemiology Center UPDATE May 2016
This first issue of Update provides you with an overview of
the mission and activities of the Navajo Epidemiology Center
(NEC), a program within the Navajo Department of Health.

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6 Minute PSA for Hantavirus *updated 5/15/2017

PSA for Zikavirus, 6 mins

Navajo Nation Public Advisory: Whooping Cough
Navajo Department of Health Legislation Law:
Nov. 6, 2014 - Navajo Nation President Shelly signed in to
law the Navajo Department of Health legislation. The legislation
is an unprecedented exercise of tribal sovereignty. It establishes
the Navajo Department of Health, the first tribally operated,
state-like health department. read more ...
Navajo Nation Health Advisory: Ebola Virus Disease
Oct. 10, 2014 - This public health advisory is being distributed
to provide information about the Ebola Virus Disease. read more ...
Navajo Nation Health Advisory: West Nile Virus
July 25, 2014 - West Nile Virus Alert read more ...

Downloadable Information


FAQs Hantavirus & Zika Virus    CLICK BELOW

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Managing Rodents to Prevent Hantavirus Infection  CLICK BELOW

Managing Rodents to Prevent Hantavirus Infection

Navajo Population Profile

The Navajo Population Profile aims to provide an accurate picture of the Navajo population throughout the United States and to identify  target or at risk sub-population(s) when assessing the health status of the Navajo people. The goal is to improve the health status of the Navajo people on the Navajo Nation, in border towns, metropolitan areas, and throughout the United States. To view full report click here...
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Crownpoint Fort Defiance Alamo To'hajiilee Ramah Crownpoint2 Shiprock TubaCity Chinle

Pie Chart

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Tribal Epidemiology Centers

There are 12 Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) throughout the United States. The map below shows the 12 TECs and regions they represent.
(Click on TEC site for more information).

Rocky Mountain Northern Plains Great Lakes United South & Eastern Tribes Oklahoma Area Albuquerque Area Southwest Navajo Epidemiology Center Inter-Tribal Council of AZ, Inc Alaska Native Tribal Epi Center California Tribal Epidemiology Center Northwest Portland Area Uran Indian Health Institute Navajo Reservation